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Jack Burton Adventures #1

Everyone’s favorite hero, Jack Burton, is back and ready for action. With Lo Pan defeated, Jack can get back to what he does best, driving his truck. But there is a bit of unfinished business between Jack and the Chinese Wild Man.

Meanwhile, Egg Chen is preparing to stand trial for a city block erupting in green flame and his lawyer has had a change of heart about the existence of Chinese black magic. But when one of the three Storms returns after being thought dead, things get complicated. Jack and his friends will find the trouble is a lot bigger than they expected. Suddenly, Little China doesn’t seem so small.
This book is fan fiction. You only pay for the cost of printing and the shipping and handling. International shipping rates apply.
Ben Lane Hodson
Writer, Story
Brad Hodson
Writer, Story, Editor
Bryant Hodson
Colors, Story
Chad Bever
Pencils, Inks, Cover, Lettering
What others are saying about Jack Burton Adventures #1
A must for any Jack Burton or BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA fan
The writers did an excellent job of continuing Burton’s quirkiness throughout the comic. You can almost hear Burton’s voice when you read some of the word balloons. His attitude and dialogue were captured well by the writers throughout the book. Chad has also done a great job of capturing Burton’s physical likeness in a more cartoonish character.
Jack Burton's Epic Return!
Hey, I just wanted to drop you guys a line and tell you how much I enjoyed Jack Burton Adventures Issue #1. When I was done reading your first issue, all I wanted was for the story to keep going. I am a fan of Big Trouble in Little China and after reading your first issue, I didn't realize just how much I wish that story would have continued 20+ years ago. Thanks for keeping one of the best comedic action heroes alive and kicking, hopefully for a long run to come.
- Tony (  (
Fans should check this one out
The story takes place sometime after the events of that film, as Jack is forced to recount what happened directly after the movie. This issue goes to great lengths to let you know this is a direct sequel and it looks to be a fascinating story... There's enough here to show that Hodson is definitely a fan and is taking this material seriously. Fans of the original film should check this one out.
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